Instructions – Help

Register First

You must FIRST register with the site here After you register, you must activate your registration. You will receive an email with an activation link, click on the link to activate your account. If you do not see an email from California Tax Institute, please check your spam filter before contacting us. This is VERY important. To get full credit for taking the online course you must be registered with our learning system first.

If you have already purchased your Online Courses

If you have purchased your online courses prior to registering, You need to update your profile page located at Your Online Course Profile page. Please add any additional missing information and click on the UPDATE button. This will ensure you get proper credit for the online courses.

After registering, you can purchase your desired course or bundle of courses from our store

Finding Your Courses

At any time you can get to the Your Purchased Courses page from the main menu under the site logo.

On the Your Purchased Courses page you will see a gray box area with your purchased courses. If you do not see a list of courses under the gray box, click the items in the box to display them.

 There you will see a list of the courses you have purchased. Click on any of the red links to begin. You will see the introduction to the course, and instructions to get started. You can view the course material either in Flash Book form or a PDF. Just click on your desired link to start.

There are 2 review quizzes and a final exam. Where indicated in the course material take your Quiz.

It's time to take your first review. Please minimize this window and begin your quiz.

If the window with the course material opened in a new window, use the minimize button to take the quiz. If the new window opened in a tab, click on the first tab to take the quiz.

At the end of the course material you can take the final exam.

You can take the quizzes at any time, but you must take them in their order to go on to the next. You do not need to Pass the review quizzes to continue, however, you need a 70% passing grade on the final exam to earn your certificate.

Certificate Printing

To print your certificate, press control P on your keyboard. This should bring up the printer dialog box where you can print your certificate. Or, you can choose print from your browsers tool bar.

You can also save your certificate to your computer by right clicking on a pc or option clicking on a Mac, and choosing "Save As" to save the image to your desktop. Once there, you can open it up in your favorite image editor and print it out as big as your printer can handle.